Refashion House Dress to Party Dress

December is here and party invites are everywhere! It’s nice to go out with friends and have some selfies, groufies, stolen shots, etc. for captured moments. Because of social media, you don’t want to show the same dress in different ocassions. Lol! So it’s time to be creative and fashion passionate. I have a mini dress which design is plain and only for indoor wear – just at home. The cut is so simple, no curves or not fit. IMG_20141215_080354 This is what I did. Lay the latest dress with perfect fit on top of the old-fashioned mini dress. Mark the cut lines on one side. img_20141215_080534 Fold lengthwise to achieve symmetry with the other side. Then cut. img_20141215_080747 I found a black ribbon from my other dress. It serves as belt from that dress but I don’t put it on so I’m gonna use it here. Sew the black ribbon accross the dress just below the bust line. Just sew on the front side, leave the rest of the ribbon hanging at the back so you can tie is as fit as you want. IMG_20141215_091110 And here’s the finished product… PhotoGrid_1419031448144Ready to party!


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