Living Room Storage Idea

Declutter your living room shelf without going over the budget. This idea of mine is cheap but clever. I integrated storage and organization with decorating.

My original plan was to buy ready-made boxes or baskets but what stopped me is that I’m unsure of its size or color or if they go with the scheme I wanted. So I took another route…

Find an empty box, cut according to desired size. I made it sure that it fits to the space I want it in.


Wrap with cartolina to make the outer space even or flat before applying another layer of design.


Wrap with a desired wallpaper design. I chose wicker basket theme to match the color of my living room shelf which was handcrafted by my husband.

IMG_20150301_112804Aside from applying glue at the back, I used wooden color or brown adhesive tape to put the design in place. My sister gave it to me from Japan. FYI, this is not a packaging tape.IMG_20150301_112824

Put the little figurines and tiny wedding souvenirs inside the box. If someone wants to see them, they’re just within reach.


Make another 1 for the other side of the TV stand to have a symmetrical look.


I know it still looks cluttered, I’m just starting out to make my 40 sq. m. house cozier and more presentable by following blogs on home interior designs. 😉


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