Merienda Time!

“I know this job is worth the wait, so let’s just wait a bit”, that’s what my husband always said last year so I respected his decision and supported him all the way.

It was last year 2015, when my husband stayed home for long or almost a year to wait for his next working Visa. He was jobless or let’s say declined job offers because he was waiting for his new employer/friend at KSA.

He was jobless, that means I was the main breadwinner of the family. Our finances relied on my online jobs – data entry and graphic designs, and with the aid of our families. While I was working, my husband was the one who took care of our kids and household chores – went with my son to and from school, study and help with the school tasks, bathe and feed the kids, cook, clean, etc. Literally, a houseband. 🙂


Hubby with the kids watching the Good Dinosaur for the nth time…they just love Arlo!

My husband is also a techie person, so basically he can help me with my online jobs. It’s easy to train someone about my job who has background already and it’s a plus to have a partner who is equally equipped with the skills or shares the same interests as you. And so we took shifts on my data entry jobs – I clocked in at daytime then he often worked in the afternoon when they arrived from school or start after dinner (because he still has to cook for us) and stay up until dawn or whenever he feels sleepy.

Before he starts his afternoon shift, he would ask “Ma, what’s for snack?” Uh-oh, it’s my turn to prepare something to eat for him…for all of us, of course! The snack I prepare depends on what’s available or my craving or the budget…hahaha. The most common snack I served to him involved bread or sandwich! Full, easy and low-cost!


Tuna Sandwich – wheat bread, drained canned tuna, mayo and it’s good to go!


Garlic bread and Mango shake…yum!


Hubby in the background…busy with the spreadsheets.

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Daily Prompt Challenge: Sandwich


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