Mom @ Home

It was a month before September 30, 2012 when the company where I worked for declared a workforce reduction. It was already anticipated but still the news led everyone to a quick decision making. However, my husband Orley had asked me beforehand whether I avail the Workforce Reduction Program or not. We weighed things together considering every factors until we came to a point that I voluntarily resigned and get paid, then stay at home. So this page is named mom’s @ home because mama is at home already!

From that moment on, I embraced the job of being a full-time mom and housewife. I spent more time at home with kids, with Orley, and of course, with the household chores as well. I never felt this satisfaction before – seeing the house generally cleaned, well-arranged, and gradually transformed.

multitasking sexy momAt first, I was afraid that my knowledge might become stagnant because I’ll just have to stay at home and never get a chance to use my skills and learnings again. I was also worried that I might experience those things that my friends said.

  • Worrying about the time when will the husband come home or his whereabouts.
  • Get stressed due to kids’ nuisance.
  • No cash-on-hand to spend on wants.
  • Less me-time, fun, and relaxation.
  • Become a gossip girl with the neighbors.
  • Financial problems might cause chaos to the family.

Indeed, things they said were true and I encountered them almost every day of my housewife life. First on the list was that I always keep track of Orley’s time – when he goes to work and when he comes home. I always get mad to my kids for they just seem to be uncontrollable. I can’t have all the things that I want because I have no money to buy and if I have (when I asked money from Orley), I just can’t spend it luxuriously because there are more important things other than my wants. I am almost sleepless and restless day and night. I almost skipped meals just to be sure my kids eat on time. I can only relax when the kids are asleep. To-do list in the house is very long but eventually, I managed. More on this page is time management at home. Gossip girl? Not to the point that we already had quarrel around the neighborhood. Topics are always about our home, family and I am grateful because we learned from each other about how to do this and that – like sharing of ideas. And lastly, financial problems. It will only depend on how you deal with it. Do not let money consume your patience. I will share some of my strategies how I overcome this.

Yes, I won’t deny that I waited, yelled, argued and cried. I felt anxious, jealous, stressed and exhausted. But because of this, I became stronger each day. Seeing how my kids laugh, hearing them calling MAMA in their every move, and keeping track of their progress makes my heart fat with love and fulfillment.

10 thoughts on “Mom @ Home

  1. Hi–thanks so much for the like and follow on Wine and Cheese (Doodles)! Staying at home is tiring, isn’t it? But worth it. Most of the time ;-). Thanks again!

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